The ALF API implements the OData standard for querying data. For more information about OData, see here.

Swagger is a standard framework for API developer tools. The ALF API Swagger documentation can be found here.

Getting Started

To access the ALF API, you will need an ALF Intelligence subscription package. The API is not available to Connect subscribers.

If you would like access to the API, please speak to your Account Manager to have your API access enabled.

Making Requests

All API requests must be carried out via HTTPS. Authentication is done by Basic Authentication, using your ALF username and an API key. To get an API key, you can send a request to the Key endpoint programmatically or using your browser. The Key endpoint also accepts Basic Authentication, but using your ALF username and password. Once you have your API key, keep it secure. It is stored encrypted on our server so we will not be able to recover it if you lose it. If you need a new key for any reason, simply go to the Key endpoint again and get a new key. Your old key will no longer work.

Swagger offer an open source library to auto-generate API client code in various languages here. Alternatively, we have some code examples to show how to make API requests in some common programming languages here.

About the Endpoints

There are main endpoints for each profile type (Contacts/Brands/Companies). Each of those have some extra related data: